Print.Inflate.Devalue.Repeat. Can Bitcoin fix that?

Our civilization is at the crossroads where 2 systems are colliding. The legacy debt based system that needs inflation and rising prices to survive and the deflationary system driven by technology and innovation that naturally drives prices down.

These 2 competing systems cannot coexist. One system uses manipulated data inflation and interest rates to sustain itself. The other is emerging as the natural result of innovation and technology. Something that is natural is created by the forces of nature, is unmanipulated, is pure and truthful.

The winner is already known.

Technology and truth always wins. Before Galileo pointed a telescope at the stars people believed the sun revolved around the earth. They were trying to evaluate a system from within that system. That approach is very challenging because you have to take everything you know and put it aside. Successful entrepreneurs have this skill because the data they often need doesnt exist yet because what they are attempting has never been done before.

The global turmoil we are experiencing is the result of these colliding systems as the natural forces of innovation are disrupting legacy systems. These are very hard concepts that require hours and hours of high level study and extrapolation that most intelligent, educated people never even consider or discover when evaluating a system from inside that system.

Even this concept takes a while to fully comprehend. When Henry Ford was introducing his ‘horseless carriage’ he surveyed people across the country to discover they just wanted a faster horse. Thats evaluating a system from within a system, new ideas dont fit in that system and therefore get discounted as not possible. Unknowns remain unknown.

Prior to 2021 I had no interest in any of these issues and my internet research was limited to tips for growing weed in my closet. Covid was the evidence that the conspiracies are real, we have entered the era of information and transparency where truths are being revealed and truth will prevail.

My interest in finance and economics was sparked by pandemic stimulus checks and the reports on excessive money printing. I thought, more money meant more money to go around, how can that be bad.

I had a lot to learn but fortunately I never really benefitted from the legacy system, left commercial banking in 2010 and had a general distrust of the government so there wasnt that much to unlearn. I had a feeling the system was rigged and there was corruption going on but not to the extent I discovered. Its rigged and corrupt top to bottom side to side and goes on relatively unchallenged when the information proving such is so easily available? Readily attainable? So blatantly obvious! If you go only one layer past the headlines, and if you want truth you have to go past the headlines, everything is there. Information is so readily available, current and spreads fast.

The general conclusions I derived are as follows:

-the people who have the power to challenge and change the system are the same people who benefit from the system.

-you cant save the environment and reduce carbon emissions when oil is priced in US dollars globally or by issuing carbon credits. Carbon credits are nothing more than a cash grab by the government that allows industries to pollute the planet as long as they pay. Extortion?

-the very definition of inflation is “any arbitrary increase in the money supply” and yet no one can pinpoint the cause of inflation or come up with an accurate number.

Inflation is caused by printing money and the rate of inflation is the percentage of money added to the system.

Since no one has claimed this publicly I will.

Miggz Inflation Theory?

Miggz Inflation Fact.

As I continued down the rabbit hole to learn about finance, Wall St. Central Banks, global economics, the Federal Reserve, the history of money, gold, the IMF, Dodd-Frank Act, recession, depression, derivatives, inflation, deflation, Austrian Economics, fiat money, the global reserve currency, quantitative easing, stocks, bonds, ETFs, the uS Treasury, a statement I attribute to Jeff Booth, author of The Price of Tomorrow, became blindingly clear:

“when money is corrupt at the source that corruption follows wherever the money goes”

Further down the rabbit hole I went to discover that all roads lead to bitcoin. Bitcoin fixes everything.

… be continued



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